My Artwork: We the People…

4 Mar


THMG – The Rules of the Game: Rule #1

3 Mar

Interdimensional Parallelism and Time Travel plays a part that has not yet been discussed, but everyone will agree that being in the “right” place at the “right” time is important when locating your other half. Here’s what happens when one half runs into the other at the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time….

“I just kind of knew that she’s the one,” he said – on Page 2 – Read whole story

WHAT happened was – that whilst this man “kind of knew that she’s the one”, it is because she IS, but “the one” out of many versions of his “one”. He has failed to utilize his brain and has actually left the correct version of his “one” that he IS married to and HAS children with because he has forgotten WHO he IS.

What we have here… is failure to communicate!” – Civil War by Guns -N- Roses

The Human brains are above the hearts for a reason, your eyes and ears are attached to your heads for a reason. Yes, look and listen to your hearts people, but use your brains to make sense of what you see and hear. That’s why he “kind of knew” – his heart is saying YESSSS, but his brain is going: “Now, hold on a minute…. You are forgetting the Where and the When of it.”

The Proof is in the History

Rule # 1

Engage cognitive Thinking whilst Listening and Looking into What Your Heart is Saying to You.

If you have answered or are continuing to update answers to the five main questions and keeping a journal of yourself – than you should already be engaged – mentally.


As for the Interdimensional Parallelism and Time Travel, One has been given “authority” to explain it as it pertains to this specific subject, for the specific purpose of clarifying certain questionable and “unexplainable” matters of the human heart. For a more detailed explanation as to how time travel and interdimensional parallelism works, there are many “good” works of theory that can be obtained from books or internet. If you want to know why people are running into their mates at the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time, that is in another blog One has in Draft status due to some of its content which has to be “authorized” before One can release it.

My Trespasses

28 Feb

So many things to say, but I am tired.

Seems like yesterday, when I was “fired”.

An Ethereal job for an esoteric slob.

The best Piper who couldn’t play…

All the rats did follow, though,

one Death did swallow whole

and I, One of curiosity had my say.

I crossed the timelines, I broke a seal

All for Human Love, I stopped the wheel.

Vanity, humanity, Insanity, Romantically

preposterous, to foster – thus…

Emphatically, Dramatically, combatantly

I spat at Thee…

yet, You forgave me.

So here i am…

(lower case me, Uppercase You)

a One of humility finding something to do

While I wait and contemplate this immortal fate with much debate.

The Fire of a Thousand Hearts” I stole and gave

As a role with many parts, I managed to save

the greatest for the last, giving penance for my past

in comforting this companion to the grave.

– F.A.

The Human Mating Game – Part 3

27 Feb

So do you know who you are yet?

Did you talk to your parents? Your grandparents? Aunts, Uncles, Cousins? Dig up some lineage? Read through old journals? That’s a good place to start. I wasn’t joking.

Did you find out that one of your grandmothers was a nurse in some war? Hmmm, could be the sign of a compassionate heart and a great sense of duty. Or maybe a great Uncle spent more time in jail than he did anywhere else as a youth (or even Dad or Mom did that) – Reckless inhibitions you may have experienced yourself… A grandfather who discovered some lost treasure or a grandma who braved some rocky climbs or pioneered across foreign land – a fearless sense of adventure. Maybe an auntie who worked in a brothel, loved funny hats and bore a cousin from a famous outlaw – passion for the wild and eccentric and not very concerned with fitting in. Just to mention a few examples….

Whatever the family treasures uncovered, they are keys, for with them, you can begin to identify characteristics about yourself and you can learn about their experiences and of the outcomes, hopefully bringing clarity to some of your own innate characteristics and behaviors.

With that said, we move on. We play the game.

Why do we play? Why aren’t things so simple like before, you might ask. What “before” are you speaking of? Before “Cain”? You’d have to be, because if you think things were any easier before now, they weren’t.

There is a balance, always a balance.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are always obstacles to overcome while on a “journey”.

The animal kingdom made one sex of the animal more attractive than the other, indicating who had to work for their breeding experience and who simply had to choose who they wanted to breed with.

Humans differ because they have taken their lives and further complicated them with customs and rituals based on geographical locations. Both genders of the human species have attractive and non attractive characteristics based entirely upon customary practices for their race, religion, land of origin, government, and family traditions. In other words, once again, it’s in the eye of the beholder… and it’s influenced by that individual’s society and instincts.

The best way to approach this and move on is to just jot your personal preferences for the first four things listed.

What race do you prefer?

What religion? (It does not have to have an actual name, unless it is one that is named and you prefer. Sometimes, a person’s system of beliefs does not have an official and sanctioned title – but it is what a person believes and no less valid – Your code of ethics or morals.)

What land of origin would you like your mate to be from, or where would you be willing to live to find your mate? (These two examples can be separate questions entirely or used for “what if” scenarios to avoid in the future – but should be answered before proceeding.

What kind of government do you prefer? (This is a multi-meaning question: answer all the meanings, as many as you can decipher.)

If you can answer these questions honestly and openly with yourself and still find some difficulty in accurately defining them, just write what comes first and easy and set aside room to add more. When you begin noting family traditions, you may find answers to fill in some of the blanks. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a family tradition is – common routine, ritual, celebration, habit, and or practice observed by your family in particular that may or may not be recognized, appreciated, understood or even condoned by someone else’s family. Because it’s a family tradition customized personally to your particular family, you may or may not even be aware that it’s not a common practice in other’s families and I realize this could present an obstacle in recognizing it, but do the best you can. Ask yourself: Have I ever seen or heard of someone else doing this before? Google it if you have to.

A good example from a t.v. sitcom:

The human alpha male comes home everyday from work to vegetate on the couch with his feet up and his hand just dipping into the front of his trousers.

The human alpha female smokes cigarettes while preparing an odd dinner of usually inedible items and ashes regularly in the food.

Like clockwork, the female child successfully manipulates the alpha male out of monetary funds using some sort of unintelligent reasoning but presenting it in a ludicrously entertaining monologue.

Like clockwork, the male child has by then completed his daily challenge of obtaining one of three things: sex, money, or insulting the female child by stating the obvious.

As you may have guessed, this was the family tradition for an average day in the lives of the Bundies from Married With Children.

Your traditions could be more specific and focused on only one person for one particular day of the year or one particular time of the day. It could be something you, yourself, have invented and added – although I definitely encourage you to dig deeper than yourself on this one because whether it’s your own practice or not, someone who has exposed you to the experience of their practice has still had an effect on your heart… Negatively or positively (as you see fit to judge in your own eyes.)

Just knowing that your sister will sneeze every morning, exactly three times, when she wakes up may have left a mark on your psyche that every morning you suddenly feel a jolt of agitation for no particular reason – you thought – but you notice now that it’s at the same time every morning which also happens to be the same time your sister started sneezing every morning when you were growing up?

See what I mean? These are things to be aware of first, and there’s a lot, so you need to make this an ongoing project to recognize and begin labeling your “buttons” or “triggers” and take note of your instinct that wants to react as well as your learned behavior that actually does. This work in progress does not have an end. Many humans like to journal for this reason and do it much of their lifespan until they are either out of mating season permanently for one of many reasons, or they are physically incapable of writing or recording.

This should be your grimoire aka diary aka personal life reference book – About YOU.

I can’t stress it enough – KNOW YOURSELF.

It will take your whole life, but knowing is an active process, it is a term of the present tense and indicates a work in progress.

Your human body will change on average every seven years – it’s physiology. If you do not understand where you are at, it is that much harder to pinpoint where your other half is. The questions and the journal you will create with them will perpetually draw the map based on present time. It will help you predetermine what you are looking for or avoiding based in reality and competence and serve as a reminder whenever your human hormones begin to cloud your perception. Remember, your hormones are not “wrong”, but without proper supervision and guidance, you will revert to your hominian ancestral instinct – and your ancient ancestors did not have a special “one” to complete their journey. You do.

Human Mating Game – Part 2

26 Feb

Where does it start…. Where does it end…. Like life and death.

“Why do I have such bad luck when it comes to finding a mate…”

Have you ever said that to yourself or your best friend?

Did he or she ever reply: “Oh, it’ll be alright, you just haven’t found the right one yet.” ????


How do you find the right one… hmmm. That’s why One has a job. Although, not this One anymore, not like I used to.

Like I said, you are on a journey. If you are one of the many who are not complete, you are still on that journey because you don’t know yourself well enough to know yourself when you see him or her. Oh sure, you may know the wants of the what and how of your favorites when it comes to your human basic needs, but do you know the wants of your own heart?

Have you ever just listened to your heart, without judgement? Or are you one of the many who makes decisions based on what society has said is right or wrong? Have you ever referenced your preferred life manual? There is a reason why you were born into the belief systems of your families. If you are one of the many who have turned their back on their birth faith, have you stopped long enough to ask yourself why? Maybe you missed something, and maybe it was just one small thing, but maybe it is the only thing you needed to know that would correct some of the problems you’ve encountered. All of the answers are provided in your beginning and throughout life, but you must have eyes and ears, metaphorically speaking. You have to be open to receive those answers and one thing that will shut down the learning process is fear.

I’m not telling you to switch religions, and if you have no “religion” I’m not telling you to get one – let’s be clear, what I’m saying is life for you, began with your parents, and no matter how big or small of a part they’ve played in the rest of your creation, half of you belongs to one, while half of you belongs to the other. There is infinity in this, like two mirrors facing each other. Because they had parents too. And so on and so on and so on.

Many people are catching on to the truth of this and so you hear more frequently the advertisement of Genealogy. With good reason, practice of lineage keeping was something that humans originally did to claim birthrights, prevent or ensure interbreeding, predict disease, but most importantly for the purposes of this passage, to learn about the bits and pieces of themselves. Inherent traits.

There are many arguments about how much inherent traits affect human behavior. It’s really simple:

Individuality… The human that is not afraid to follow the tune of their own drum.

Society – many individual humans grouped together following the beat of their own drums and whoever’s drum is the loudest becomes the leader.

Hence the reason people seek power. BUT, just because you may not be the most powerful, does not mean you are wrong nor, just because you win the most battles, does not mean you will when the war. Likewise, just because you have a lot of pollen in your flower that does not mean you will make the best honey. Some bees aren’t fooled and some flowers are carnivorous. Beware oh ye who are false in their presentations…


The inherent traits (instinct) are responsible for what you want to do, but Learned Behavior is responsible for what you actually do.

So, if you want to fall madly, deeply, passionately in love – chances are you come from some very romantic blood lines (aka people with strong mating pheromones). But if you fall for everyone who gives you a mating call – chances are you’ve seen too many movies.

That’s just the start of it. Let the games begin…

Enjoy Everything

25 Feb

"Enjoy Everything"

The Human Mating Game – Part 1

24 Feb

Birds do it… Bees do it…

Even educated fools do it…


Believe it or not, I do know why.

Before I was grounded, I was responsible for helping people find their mates.

Previously, I disclosed that I have studied the Human Mating Game for many years. Many Many Many years. It was my job to locate the perfect matches and arrange their unions. Believe me, perfect in romance is not like Jesus Christ perfect or God perfect or pristine OCD perfect. No way. Perfect in this definition means complimentary in opposition of qualities, faults and equality in yoke.

I was so “good” at my job, I had exclusive seniority in the decision-making. My boss had larger issues at hand, like overseeing population control. One of many creative control projects opened up the position I filled. My natural curiosity from day 1 concerning the subject of Human Romantic Love had given me the motivation to study more on it than most and I had an unusual ability to “see” it, although for a very long time, I wasn’t sure exactly what “it” was. It can best be described, from my view of what I see, as a brilliant “cathode ray” exchanged between the eyes of two people. But instead of the ray being smooth and straight, it sort of spans out and tiny particles float about. Chemically, I realize that it could be closely associated to metallic bonding… A sea of electrons shared mutually by many nuclei.

This is the beginning of the “love cocktail” I read about.

But, In the Beginning, before humans became obsessed with trying to understand what they already knew anyhow, it was easier and there really wasn’t a need for a job like the one I had. The heart led and the people followed blindly and it paid off in fruitfulness and procreation and many long unions that recycled after the physical had diminished. But time passed, fear became more ramped, clouding the neurotransmitters and preventing people from learning about themselves, from knowing themselves – they lost the ability to listen, to hear the “cha ching” of their own completion, the willingness to see their missing pieces, blinded by pride, insecurity, and imprisoned by vanity and material gain. They became concerned with a new “cha ching” – that of the coin filling the purse, and their greed also extended into coveting more than their portion in romantic affairs. Marriages came about not out of love, but for power and monetary gain. It was not originally intended to go that way you see…

Originally, it was meant, as a means of balance between logic and emotion.

Julius Caesar loved Cleopatra, but he could not revel in that love without a reason. Marc Anthony, not in Caesar’s predicament, needed no reason. Cleopatra, did not want to marry her brother as Egyptian custom was back then, she did not really love Julius but an saw opportunity to escape her fate by logical strategy. She did, however, love Marc, but she lost him and she did not want to suffer her new fate, so she gave up and killed herself.

This was truly the first huge catastrophe that occurred in the first beginnings of marriage as a concept for a lawful ceremony devised to bring balance. It is when we noticed some very large problems that were irreversible from that moment on. And it’s not that the scenario hasn’t occurred many times previously to that one, it’s that the ripple effect of events brought about utter chaos to many who weren’t directly involved and shouldn’t have been affected, but were.

Unfortunately, things only improved slightly when arranged marriages finally gained popularity. The concept had been activated just shortly after humans found favoritism in monogamous mating lifestyles but had not caught on right away until certain tribes in Africa realized that they could increase their numbers by simply trading women. polygamy became popular once again and has had its rise and declines thereafter.

At this point, it really doesn’t matter. Breeding has become ridiculously overdone, marriage doesn’t even serve it’s intended purpose, and the last directive I’d been given had been more of a passing phrase from One Who Preserves the Balance: “Everyone better get their mates and get out!” It was referring to the Human Mating Game.

It has become a game from the moment Cain lost his ability to grow a beard to hide his shameful face. Not that the reasons he lost it had anything to do with getting a woman to like him, but he had to develop some way to convince one to lie down with him since he wasn’t exactly the most attractive man by the standards of women back then. After that, women started playing too. And after that… well, you know the rest, I’m sure. Everyone does, to some degree, by now.

And that is why my previous job had been invented and why now, some One other than myself is doing it.

Humans get so hung up in playing, sometimes they forget why they even are, the real reason, to find one’s mate, and to procreate… responsibly, of course. This isn’t the Beginning, like I said, Breeding is overdone, so breed responsibly please.

The One Who Clones, has this to say: “From one is two and so the two become one.”

I’ve heard that so many times and what it means should be obvious, but the definition is the answer to the question in the brain of every breeding minded person out there: “Yes, there is someone for everyone, a special someone, just for you.”

The rib from Adam was meant more symbolically than it reads. Some of us, especially those of us who are responsible for documentation, have a “poetic flair”. Yes, I’ve written a few things, nothing worth mentioning, really, I’m more of an interventionist, but I thought I’d try my hand at this at least while I’m sitting. With some restrictions, of course… I’m not the one who can give you all the answers. You already KNOW them, but I can offer some explanations.

The biggest point to all of this is that through the ages, the “missing half” to your whole, to humans’ completion, has not always been placed so easily to find. As the game developed and people lost sight of their actual purpose, complicating it with all the distractions of invention and technology, as well as just plain stupidity and irresponsibility, they created a challenge for themselves by not recognizing simple facts, so, as another divine creation as an effort to remind them, they sometimes had to make a “journey” before finding the rest of themselves – or their counterpart.

Therein lies the fault of the fallen. We are not perfect either.

One can become fallen in one of two ways, as I said, to love One’s master but not serve so well, or to not love One’s master and not serve at all.

Not serving so well can mean many things, one of them being ignoring Rule #1, Do not become personally involved with humans. This covers a multitude of mistakes: Interfering with free will covers all of them. To become personally involved with a human ALWAYS interferes with free will. Influencing a human’s choice for any reason other than divine intervention, is personal. This includes after the death of the body as well, but the most common mistake – so well-known that there are movies about it, is when One’s curiosity about Human Romantic Love interferes with a human’s free will because One has seen it too many times and wants to experience it for One’s self.

For that, One is put on probation and is relieved of etherial duties until the situation is remedied – for however long that takes, which can depend on how many events have been effected in how many timelines. Responsibility is given to One over that human and all other humans affected as a result. Fortunately, that can be remedied. Sometimes, and this is going to sound ironic, it’s even part of The Plan, unbeknownst to all parties involved, of course, until later.

To interfere or influence after physical death, however, that falls more towards not loving and not serving at all, One’s master. That’s stepping on toes, per say, which you don’t do intentionally when you love someone? Correct? My boss is very forgiving, but even Moses wasn’t allowed to set foot on the promise land after busting up the tablets, and he was a human… So you can just imagine what my penance is… or maybe not, but that’s another story. Not only that, but the last time One directly defied One’s master, there was a great war. Because I was favored, and my defiance was due to my lack of knowledge in that department, I being an interventionist in human romantic affairs, not an “Angel of Death”, it was not a matter of war, but more like a personal, yet defiant, argument with THE BOSS whilst I was still on probation for my first trespass. Again, another story. To wield it in Global human terminology: I royally screwed up.

But I miss my old job. I really do. Spring and Winter were always my busiest seasons….

The end of a life… Part 1

23 Feb

The end of a life is not so monochromatic, really. There is no beginning other than that which is labeled, In the beginning, there is no end, other than that which is labeled: Fin. So, again, in the eye of the beholder the definition is thereby created.

A child becomes a child at what point? From the zygote, or from the infinite possibilities within the genetic makeup of the parent? Before physical conception, when that possibility is just the frisky twinkling in two lover’s eyes? Or after a very biological exchange has taken place? Or was a child indeed born when the imagination of the parent first decided upon having children one day?

And of timing? Some have it down to the exact science, calculating with charts and taking tests at the doctors’ offices, or even going so far as to consult the stars for the right alignment, or the kama sutra for the correct positions… Trying to control the outcome of the sex of the child. Laboratories – ha, creating babies in test tubes. This is all old news, I realize, but the point I’m really trying to make is that there really is no end nor beginning as one is indeterminate from another.

So let’s move on, and here I will contradict myself, but for those who are familiar with any Bible, contradiction is a normality.

Let’s examine the mother as a child…. Whatever her circumstances, financial and emotional securities – or the lacking of – In HER beginning, it’s all about her. If she’s in a loving family, rich or poor, it’s much doting accompanied by affection and whatever affordable gifts. If she’s in an abusive (and there are so many ideas now about what is considered abuse that I’ll just leave it up to the reader to define this term for now) family, then it’s the lacking of those loving things that is recognized, but only because SHE, as the child, is lacking them. Again, it is all about her. These things can still be said of the father as a child. Male or female, doesn’t matter, as a child, it is about the child…. It is always about the child. Why? Because they are the beginning in the Human eye.

Logic, would dictate that the End would be when that child has grown up and become old. The answer is both yes and no.

As an elderly person, it is once again about you. As an “in between”, it is not. Chronologically speaking of course. And only relevant in most of the world’s cultures – there are a few who do not value the elderly and consider them a burden.

This is where the yes and no part comes now. If you are an in between chronologically, but emotionally, you are still a child – not mentally – emotionally, then you still have your childlike innocence and grace. You are not accountable. You are still a child. Accountability is not a chronological age, it’s not a mental age, it’s the age of the heart. God judges you by your heart. Sound familiar?

And for those who are agnostic or atheist, I am quite certain you judge yourselves.

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” Ever heard this saying before? Bull feces. The mental capacity is only capable of what it has been programmed to do. That is why so many people speak of matters of the heart as being beyond understanding. It’s not nearly the tangible fabric of synapses, and yes, I’m aware that it can be explained chemically, but that is a shoddy explanation at best and mostly used when describing carnal attraction – an altogether different experience. I have read many books concerning the human love experience and studied the human mating “game” for many years, let me be clear, I’m not speaking of the “love concoction” human hormones whip the flesh into for the first few years during a mating session, as one book described it. The human heart of emotion is not about attraction to another, its a reflection of one’s own potential.

Which brings me to death, there is only one true death.

Let’s get “inspirational” for just a moment, shall we?

There are many references in many manuals, life manuals, about death. There is talk of the spirit, there is talk of emotional death, mental death and physical death. There is only one of the four that can mean death to all, because only one guards one and only one can affect the other two. Many would say Spiritual death, right? But that is incorrect. The spirit can not die, it can only return to that which put it forth… It is not a true death, but an ending of one phase of its “matter” or existence.

Physical death? That is definitely a death, but is it a true death? Does it stop? Does it’s purpose stop or does the “matter” simply change phases? Ashes to Ashes…. Dust to Dust? Worm and plant food? Nutrients for the soil? It did not truly die, its purpose merely changed.

Mental death…. Hmmm, tricky, indeed, but some would say it falls into two categories. A) Under the physical, somewhat, because the biological computer called the brain is made of physical matter and it rots – once again, plant or worm food, serving another purpose. Or B) It’s purpose was served and so it is not a death but merely a retirement, much the way senior citizens, who have worked all their lives, retire. Are they dead by medical definition? Nope. Just retired.

So that leaves left an understanding that death does not come from changing phases of matter, in effect recycling, nor can it be applied to retirement from a purpose. So what is death then?

This is an interesting definition: The Meaning of Death Especially Definitions 1 and 2 which shed some broad light on the importance of perspective in application of Definitions 3 and 4.

So what is left to examine? Emotions…. The key. And the lock.

So what is emotional death?

It is the absence of emotion.

Everything else just follows suit if emotion remains absent for too long. Think about that one. If you feel nothing (emotionally) then you do not care what happens. Carelessness leads to accidents, misuses or abuses, and can result in early retirement and phase changes in matter.

How does one die emotionally? It is an individual and highly personal matter for every human whether they are aware of it or not. The good news is, it is irreversible for as long as there are no early retirements or phase changes. The bad news…

That really depends on your individual perception of “bad” in this proposed circumstance.


Hello world!

22 Feb

How high can you fly?


Before I was grounded… more like jailed, but without the Fe bars you humans associate with the word, I flew in and out of the chainlink fence of life, crossed the time lines, and saw first hand, the rabbit hole of the Milky Way Galaxy. (Not the black hole – the rabbit hole.)

Did you know the poor extraterrestrials in a neighboring galaxy are being  disturbed by us right now? We’re eating them. LOL. Not exactly a prime rib dinner, if you ask me, but since I am grounded, I can’t fathom what a disturbance it must be. Thanks to the military for the internet, I can at least tap into NASA. I say thanks to the military only because it was because they needed a better way to coordinate their military strategies that led to the financing of those Stanford  and University of California boys to conduct experiments and bring us what we love and depend on in this day and age. It was called ARPANET.

Amazing, necessity is the mother of invention, as the old cliche’ goes, and it is so true.